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Choosing a Stroller for Rossland

Since there are lots of young families in Rossland I was hoping to get some tips on what stroller might be the best option for Rossland. This will be our first kid and hopefully not the last, so want something that will last and potentially expandable to carry two kids at a later date. Hoping to get just the one, so a stroller that will work for a new born and up. Also preferably something that is versatile and compatible with car seats. I'm also a big fan of quality so dont mind paying for it. Are there any brands that I should stay away from? I'm presuming with the snow and mountain roads I'll need something with larger wheels, maybe not? Do I need to go for jogger style ones like Thule or BOB? Would an Uppababy Vista or a Nuna work? Sorry for all the questions its just a little overwhelming with all the options, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'd say chariot. Thule or Bob. ...they are great in every season and last forever.


I have a uppababy vista -I travel alot and its amazing so easy with the car seat,  I did use the bassinet with the stroller as well as in the house until he grew out of it.  I also have a chairot,  you cannot go wrong with that stroller in our area. Lots come up for sale used. Good luck :)

Thank you Marqtin. Do you use the Vista around Rossland much, and in the snow? Does it hold up okay? Ideally would prefer to just get the one initially - especially considering I'm looking at some of the higher end brands. Thanks again for the help!!

Chariots are the best for Rossland in my opinion, although it depends a little on your lifestyle.  Being an outdoorsy town with lots of snow in the winter, a chariot will give you mobility to easily get around, and open up trail walking/running, biking, and skiing with the correct attachments.  Suspension is gold once you get off the pavement, and having a brake of some sort is a huge advantage in this town.  A Bob stroller can meet some of these needs too, although I don’t think bike and ski attachments are options.  If you prefer malls and paved areas to trails and snowy streets, and prefer to drive most places and keep walking short, a traditional stroller might work for you.  If you’re an outdoorsy type, something with big wheels and a brake would be the way to go.

I’d highly recommend a baby carrier of some sort as well (Ergo etc), as it makes getting around so easy in any conditions, and is so comforting for your baby (plus provides warmth both ways).

You can get an infant sling for the chariot, and of course a double will accommodate an expanding family.  High quality means it will last, and the resale value is good if you take care of it.

Good luck.

Thanks, JNR. Appreciate the advice. Will look into the Ergo baby carriers too!

I can speak on the Rossland baby Cadillac (Chariot) quality.  We have a double chariot that is 10 years old and on its third kid.  Aside from the fabric fading a bit, it is in great condition.  It has been used through all four seasons consistently. We have used it both pushing and attached to a bike.  It really is indestructible.  

We have traveled all over with it.  Florida, California, Oregon, Nova Scotia too name a few places. You can actually gate check it on the plane (I was really surprised at this considering it is larger than most even when collapsed).

The big wheels allow it to go through snow and the screen and plastic cover are great.  When the kids were really small we used the infant sling that easily attaches.

The only down side I can think of is its size when you are transporting it. If you have a small car it may be tight.  Subaru (the other Rossland Cadillac), SUV or larger, no problem.  All three wheels pop off really easily and it collapses in a couple seconds.

I wouldn't hesitate to look for a used one.  Now that Thule has purchased the company I hope the quality continues.

I would agree with the chariot. I'd get a double along with a carrier too (sometimes it's nice to strap the kid on and go). The hand brake is absolutely essential for living in rossland. I don't think I could have gotten the kids down some of these hills without it, especially in the winter and spring when the roads are sandy. Also the resale value for the chariot is excellent. I bought mine second hand and sold it 3 years later for the same price. Hope that helps.

All you need is a carrier or local walks and hikes and a Double Chariot/tule so you have space to store items, another wee one, and for stability when pulled with ski’s.


Thank you everyone, for all the tips!!

I had a bob (fixed front wheel) that I thought worked a bit better on trails - since I was just walking.  I thought that it was a little more effortless than the chariot to push - also the handles were a bit higher which I liked.  It's also a bit more narrow.  

Hey! We have a mountain buggy Swift and we really like it. Has bigger air tires, manages pretty good in a bit of slush or snow and we've taken it on every bike trail and path in town and it does great. 

Thanks Lajaime and Suzj