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Dog Kennels

Has anyone used Miresland Kennels in the US for boarding dogs? Or any other local kennels? Looking for recommendations for our 6 mo puppy. Thanks!

Canine Psychology Center out in Ross Spur (outside of Fruitvale) is supposed to be good; Jackie is amazing, from what I know of her.  Here is her webpage; not the best, but I believe it is a volunteer who put it together, and it DOES have her phone number and info.

Jackie is amazing.  I took my lab to her for years.  He loved it there.  

We've used Miresland kennels several times. The facility is not terribly impressive but the dogs are well treated, walked daily and the owner is very knowledgeable about dogs and their needs. Our dogs emerged happy and healthy - which is what I care about. The owner even diagnosed a thyroid problem in my Lab which I hadn't recognised and my vet confirmed.

I highly recommend them. They are also very handy for flights from Spokane, though, as with all small private kennels, make sure your flight times and the kennels operating hours correspond.