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Dumping garbage?

This couch is on the back road to Red Mtn.  Will anyone own up or clean up??  It would be much appreciated!


Is this the one that sat on the side of the road in lower Rossland with a 'free' sign on it a month or so ago?  

I picked it up.  Pitiful that someone could do that.  

Thank you so much, Sunshinedancer!!  Rossland is lucky to have folks like you.  (Too bad about those who won’t dispose of their junk responsibly.). Cheers.

sunshinedancer, u rock

Thank you, thank you. Lucky to have a trailer and some help from some passers by.

Thanks for doing that. It always amazes me that people can put it in their truck and dump it illegally, but they can't pay $10.00 to leave it at the dump.  

I am tempted to make a poster with the picture of the couch asking if anyone knows the owner.

Perhaps the owner doesnt even live in Rossland....