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Coyote after my neighbour's dogs!

Today at about 11:30AM (10 minutes ago) on Thompson Ave my dog was growling and barking frantically at our front window. When I looked out I could see a coyote in my neighbour's yard trying to get close to their two dogs. I ran outside and yelled and the coyote ran down the street and I haven't seen it since. PLEASE be careful about leaving your dogs outside!! This isn't the first time I've seen coyotes out in the winter during the day!!


Good advice! When Winter arrives, the deer may go down to the valley bottoms and the bears may hibernate, but the coyotes are here all year long. Watch your dogs and cats.

There is a lone coyote also who has been cruising around McLeod ave, Ive now seen it 4 times in the past month or so.

This may sound a bit harsh; however, a well practiced slingshot is a great deterent for coyotes.   It is a lot better than watching a couple of coyotes tearing apart your pet.  It is a very taumatic sight to watch.