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Stolen picture of the queen

To the person and their friends who thought it was a great joke to take the picture of the Queen off the wall of the Legion, its sad. 

The Legion is one of the only not for profit bars in the area, and the money we make goes as much back into the community as it does to keeping the building operational. Some people, mainly volunteers, work really hard to keep that place going and it is straight up disrespectful to the veterans that created the legion as well as the hard working individuals that keep it going, to find pleasure in stealing valued items. I thought Rossland folks were better than that. When you support the legion you dont support some guy shoving the money into his pocket, you support veterans, families of veterans, and the community you are a part of.


Step it up, if you know who took the photo we welcome you to come foreward to the legion. But on the other side we will be fine since, if you really want a photo of the queen, the government will send you one for free. So get yours from them next time.