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Have Your Say: Rossland’s Citizen Budget Consultation

Have Your Say: Rossland’s Citizen Budget Consultation
The City of Rossland invites you to use this interactive budget simulator to help us understand your priorities and to provide feedback to Council on various city services. The results of the exercise will be reviewed by City Council and shared with the public as part of the budget process.
This budget simulator highlights the difficult choices that must be made that directly impact the taxes you pay and level of services the City of Rossland can provide.  To access the survey, please go to  Submission will close on February 4, 2018.

If you have any questions or have technical difficulties please contact City Hall at or call 250.362.7396. You may also come in to City Hall to complete your survey online. 

Bhump.....   check it out...

That was a great survey! Only took me a few minutes, and I have a WAAAY better understanding of where my tax dollars are being allocated! Thank you! 

Bojanggles- I am so glad you participated in the budget tool survey and that it was informational! That is the City's intent- we want taxpayers to understand just how many services our little city provides and to give everyone a rough idea of how much it all costs. I think it really helps people understand how much we do with a relatively small amount of money. Thanks for the comments. Please share it with your friends. This budget tool will be refined and will be even better next year! :)

Last few days to have your say.  

Submission will close on February 4, 2018.

The only thing I'm getting from the link is this:


This website is offline.

I tried to find the interactive budget simulator on the city website, but could not find a link. City is closed for the weekend...

I got the same result Feb. 3: "This website is offline."


Unfortunately the Citizen Budget hosting site shut us down Friday midnight in error.  The deadline has been extended to Wednesday night. (Feb 7).

Last chance to have your say.