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Winter and the Invisible Dog Doo

I still do not understand why dog owners think that their dog doo becomes invisible in the winter and therefore it does not need to be picked up. I walk the trails below the bike park as do many others and every day I can pick up at least 2 droppings left in the middle or just to the side of the trail.  I get that if your dog goes off in the bush, well off the trail, that's one thing but really - ON the trail?? If I have extra bags I will bag it hoping the owner will pick up next time around. There is something about dog doo that other dogs find very attractive and this can be a serious health risk to them.  Then when the spring comes and the invisible becomes visible we have a mine field of dog doo to step around and try to keep other dogs out of.  PLEASE be a responsible dog owner and take your doo with you.  

who needs a ground hog. a sure sign spring is around the corner, bhubble dog poo posts.


Just buy a bike or skis, then you are in the club that you don’t have to pick up poo.

Bags sitting beside the trail are as annoying as poop on the trail, because nobody ever picks up the bags.

Find a twig, or just kick the poop off of the trail.