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Sewer Network Inspection - Temporary Road Closures

Please note that the 2018 CCTV Cleaning and Inspection works for City’s Sanitary Sewer network will commence on Tuesday April 10th at 7:00am. These works are subsidized by the Clean Water and Wastewater grant funds which were secured last year and are part of the City’s Inflow and Infiltration Program which began In the summer of 2017.

The objectives of the Inflow and Infiltration Program are as follows:

•             To perform video inspection of all sanitary sewer mainline pipes within the City limits and to identify all locations where rainwater or groundwater is infiltrating into the sanitary sewer network;

•             To perform home inspections of all residences in Rossland and identify which properties have issues with groundwater infiltrating into their homes (ponding or flowing water);

•             To develop a strategy for the installation of future storm sewer works, which target the discovered, high priority locations.

•             To reduce the amount of rainwater and groundwater which is entering the sanitary sewer network, thereby reducing the City of Rossland’s proportionate costs of treating the sanitary sewer flows at the Columbia Pollution Control Centre in Trail.

For the current phase of the project, three small crews will be cleaning and inspecting all of the sanitary sewer mains throughout the City, as they look for sources of groundwater infiltration into our sanitary sewer network. As the majority of our sanitary sewer mains have been installed under roadways, the primary impact to residents during these works will be short term, temporary road closures and equipment noise. Road closures are expected to last 2-6 hours and will be constantly moving as the works are systematically completed. These road closures will only affect through traffic movements. All resident access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these upcoming works, please do not hesitate to call:

Sean Annan, Office Manager, ISL Engineering and Land Services at (250) 509 0347.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your assistance and cooperation.