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Rossland Skatepark is NOT open

Despite the park now being nearly clear of snow (big thanks to all of the super keen shovelers) it is NOT open at this time. How can you know you may ask? The multiple PARK CLOSED signs should give it away.

There are a few pieces to the puzzle that need to be completed prior to the park closed signs coming down and then it is on! Stay tuned. Stay patient...


you wouldnt know it when I drove by yesterday.  It was packed.

Kids looked like they were having a blast.

Why is the skatepark not open, and when will it be open?

Nothing like dangling a carrot in front of the kids.

If there is that much water from snow melt, what happens when it rains?  Does the skate facility not have a drainage system?

I don't mean to be critical, just asking a curious question.


 When it rains it gets wet. Yes there are drains. There is snow still piled up on one end that was shared with the outdoor rink and some grading that requires attention. The RSA is working with the city on trying to get deficincies addressed.

Thank you Scotty.