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Thinning the new growth above Mosquito cabin to improve skiing - opening downhill lines for more turns and more fun. This is a pilot project to see if we can improve skiing while helping the new forest. It's all hand work (loppers and hand saws). It's work that nearly anyone can do with a bit of effort. Call Les Carter at 250.362.5677 or email . He will organize the time, equipment, details and doing good weather dancing. It's a really nice time of year to be up there, so please join us! If you missed the work at Mosquito Sept 22, here's another opportunity to help out in our FREE no user fee all volunteer Recreation Site. 


A good op to learn the good lines? Thanks in advance for the help with this.

Beautiful time of year to be up there by foot, bike, whatever - thanks for your contributions and support to our FREE to use all-volunteer Rec Site!

THANKS SO MUCH to the crew Kim and David Shannon, Carol Cooper, Jan Luppens, and Les Carter on Saturday, thinning “beginner” down-skiing runs in the new growth just uphill of Mosquito cabin.  We used the Down-Skiing Route Spacing Guidelines prepared by Atco Wood Products and our Access Committee, with the application of lots of on-the-ground judgment (kind of like sorting potatoes into “small,” “medium” and “large”).We used brush loppers and the rec Site’s new pull-saws, which worked really well. We thinned 3 modest routes as a test.  Now we would like to see what others think of the trial patches, and also what they look like with snow on them.  We may find that out quite soon. THX AGAIN TO THE CREW!