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Local Dog Kennel Options??

Wondering if anyone has any reccommendations for an overnight kennel (Rossland, Trail, Castlegar) to leave my dog while we are away for a weekend.

We take ours to Secret Creek Kennels. Jay has a nice set-up there and he spends a lot of time with the dogs. No complaints at all.

Another vote for secret creek.. especially if it's a medium to large dog...lots of play time = happy, tired dog :)



Mountain Paws in Rossland - 250-021-9220


Mountain Paws in Rossland - 250-021-9220


Oops!  Sorry - don't know why that posted twice.  PROPER # 250-921-9220!

we offer customized in-home care that includes big mountain hikes & TLC. We are not a busy kennel. ;-)