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Bessie Wapp performs White Rabbit Red Rabbit this Saturday

This Saturday in Trail you will experience a play that no one in the world will ever experience again. White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a unique piece of theatre never performed by the same actor twice. 

A dazzling, funny, moving and transcendent piece of theatre.

Each performance begins with no set, no director and a script left on-stage in a sealed envelope for the actor to open, for the first time, in front of the audience.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit, which Soleimanpour wrote in 2010 while prohibited from traveling outside his native Iran because of his conscientious objector status, has been performed in multiple countries and languages by a multitude of big names. This Saturday local legend Bessie Wapp, who is a musician, theatre artist, and educator, who herself creates, performs & directs original theatre, will put her spin on the play.

When asked what the challenges will be of performing a play without seeing the script in advance Bessie said, "Leaping into the unknown! I'll have no mask or lines or costume to assume beforehand, so I must be completely open to the material and how it affects me in the moment."

“A stunning piece of theatre, thought-provoking and morally unsettling.” - FringeReview

So get up close and personal with Bessie, enjoy a drink, some laughs and the wonder of live improvised theatre in the intimate setting of The Griff!

Tickets $22 in advance or $24 at the door. Saturday November 9 at 7:30 pm in The Griff at The Bailey.