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What if the intersection of Washington and Columbia was a 3-way stop? Increase safety for pedestrians (3 crosswalks). Slow down semi-trucks traveling down main street. Ease congestion from Washington during high traffic times (in Rossland, crazy right?) Thoughts......

I think it's a good idea but would only be worthwhile if people actually use the crosswalks. Usually you have to stop for jaywalkers before getting to that intersection.  A pedestrian activated crossing is another idea

Columbia is a highway. Stopping at Washington sounds great but I doubt it would ever happen. I've never personally had a problem crossing safely. Even with very large transport.  Folks need to learn the rules. Very simple, Stop and make eye contact. Pedestrians have the right of way at the cross walk. Most drivers obey unless they're not from here. 

Stop also means more noise (and pollution) from trucks and cars slowing down and accelerating, which is useless when there is nobody to cross...

Things are fine as they are. You get used to having rotating chameleon eyes to watch for j-walkers, pedestrians, u-turners, Sasquatch, Aliens, etc etc etc... 


Please no more stops!  If it needs changing put a small roundabout. They keep everything flowing better but also slows everyone down also makes for safer pedestrian crossing 

How would this ease congestion?

Pedestrians should use the cross walk - make eye contact with drivers and make sure they are stopping.  Traffic from north of Rossland (like from the ski hill) should use the highway, not Kirkup-Washington.  If drivers use the highway, they don't have to make a left turn across traffic and the crosswalks.  I find the left-turners clog up the Washington/Columbia intersection the worst.

I agree, DC, and believe what you are saying is fact. 

It's crazy to think that there are people out there who think a couple stop signs, on a highway, in the middle of a town, would ease traffic congestion. As I keep saying, the developped world is doomed.

do the roundabout. It's the only way to keep all directions flowing smooth and slow 

I'm in Vancouver right now and Just spent 3 hours in traffic to do what is normally a 25 min drive.  At one point it took me an hour to move 200 yards.  Traffic in this town isn't even worth talking about.  You're concerned beacuse you have to stop at the main intersection in town for what?  30-40 seconds, maybe a minute and a half?  Quit your whining and be grateful we can walk everywhere in town.

I just want to add that the downtown strip is about 400 meters.. surely we can manage it in a civilized manner as it is. 

Thanks for those who shared your POSITVE feedback/ideas. No whining here, just opening up a community discussion for Rossland (not Vancouver). Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Doesn't take much to avoid that area when it's busy.  Be nice to see more electric bikes around instead of taking your f350 to Ferraros's for a loaf of bread.  

Bessy... thanks for braving the storm and bringing up an idea! Too bad people can't offer input without being nasty.

One thing that I notice at this intersection is that come the end of summer the plants get big and bushy and its difficult to see pedestrians, particularly kids, sometimes. Conversely, in the winter when the snowbanks get crazy high, the same thing happens here. Its definitely somewhat hazardous, but could (gets) resolved with attention from the City.

I suggest reverting to in-person community meetings for topics of this seriousness (public safety) with concerns backed by research and statistics. A forum such as this can gather opinions and ideas and then what?

Too often, both on Bhubble and social media in general, the discussion quickly descends into dissension, discouraging thoughtful minds and voices from participating. It then becomes the antithesis of what we need as a society, which is more, not fewer, ideas to cure our many ills. 

Thanks to Bhubble for providing me the opportunity to express this opinion.