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Learn from the best! Fringe fest fave, Travis Bernhardt, hosts Improv & the Clown workshop

Fringe fest fave, Travis Bernhardt, is a magician, comedian, improv star and clown.

Want to pump up your stage presence? Connect with your audience more directly, and expand your imagination and physical range?

On January 16 from 6-9 pm, Travis Bernhardt will teach you to find the excitement in anything using techniques from the world of clown and bouffon: how to see through the fourth wall; how to instantly connect with your audience; and how to develop games with your scene partners — sometimes without even saying a word.

Travis Bernhardt is an award-winning improviser from Vancouver, BC. His solo improv comedy show Unscriptured (playing in Trail on Jan 17) won Pick of the Fringe at the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival, and his duo Chris & Travis with Chris Ross won the previous year — the only two improv shows to win the Pick award in Vancouver Fringe history. In fact, Travis won Pick of the Fringe three years in a row!

He has been selected for the International Ensembles at the Vancouver Improv Festival (winning Favourite Male Performer) and Improvaganza in Edmonton, and has trained with Alistair Cook in improv, and David MacMurray Smith, Nathaniel Justiniano, Giovanni Fusetti, and Deanna Fleysher in clown and bouffon.

Check out the trailer for his show Unscriptured, which he'll be performing in The Griff on Jan. 17 at 7:30 pm, to see Travis showcasing his Improv skills. Learn more about Travis.

Travis is an amazing magician, award-winning improv performer and so much more - it will be a great experience.

For adults and Youth Age 15+. Maximum 20 people.


In The Muriel Griffiths Room at The Bailey Theatre

Register by this Monday, Jan. 13, at the Box Office or call 250-368-9669, or go online to to book.

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