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Does Rossland need a housing project?


When looking at the information associated with the Mid Town Mixed Use Development Project the need for housing is mostly defined by growth projections. It makes me wonder if perhaps the message Council heard as a need for affordable housing was in fact a request to make current housing in Rossland more affordable. Certainly the tax increases and the current spending proposals do nothing to make things more affordable for Rossland residents.


Yes we need a City Hall but expect most would prefer a Subaru City Hall not a Mercedes City Hall. I’m not sure what they propose to build as the cost is clouded by the housing project and the site challenges.


I question if we have a need for more housing than will be built by the private sector and suggest that perhaps the residents of Rossland would prefer a slow structured growth model and methods to make current housing more affordable rather than encourage untethered growth.  Our situation in Rossland I believe is unique in the sense that we do not have the housing shortage many other communities face.  I applaud the work done by the housing society I just question if the situation in Rossland dictates the need for a housing project.


I have lived in a number of communities that share the ski culture. They all are difficult to find housing especially in the fall. That has always been part of the game of life in a ski industry dependant community. It’s not necessarily bad.  Perhaps we should think of housing like a growth manager. Consider the traffic manager systems currently used to slow you down on First at Washington. These narrow corridors are intended to make it difficult for you and I to get through the intersection which slows us down and ‘calms’ traffic. I hate it but it works.


Consider housing as a ‘growth calmer’. If a community considered there was value in managing growth so other services could cope and plan for growth you don’t have many tools to accomplish this. Do you want Rossland to turn into a typical resort town or have a slow structured growth model that supports the lifestyle we strive to maintain?