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Feedback on Streetlight elimination and Upgrades - Have your Say!

The City is looking for your feedback on the plan  for street light elimination and upgrades in YOUR neighbourhood. Check out the interactive map to identify the street lights in your neighbourhood. Then provide your feedback on the provided form and email it to

Go to to access the map, additional info and the feedback form.   Commenting on this bhubble thread does not mean your feedback will reach decisionmakers.   Please go to the City's site to provide feedback.


Since the late 1800 hundreds street lighting was meant as a safety feature for pedestrian traffic.  After some research I found that there is a standard for street lighting illumination and hours of illumination.  Most surveys and studies have indicated that standardized street lighting illumination and lighting at highway intersections have reduced pedestrian and traffic incidents by up to 70%.


There is also an accepted minimum standard street light illumination between street lamps.  The present sodium vapour lights in Rossland at one time met those accepted standards; however, over a lengthy period of time, sodium vapour lights lose their radiance. As a consequence, the new LED lights appear to be “much” brighter that what we have become used to. As well, the accustomed yellowish radiance of sodium vapour has been replaced by the bluish white of LED .  In time, we will become accustomed to the new LED lighting.

Thanks for this!

Arg! First world city living problems. :-)

The light in front of our home is set to be replaced with a brighter one.  On several occasions I've already considered the purchase of a pellet gun to shoot the bulb.  Yikes!!! I really hope they listen to feedback.  Or maybe purchase effected homes blackout blinds... <- sarcasm

Some of the new LEDs are going to shine in people's windows in a way the old lights did not.  If that happens to you, use the form indicated above to request a fix (even though the form seems to be set up to request retaining a light that's slated for removal).  Public works can shield the lights somewhat, can tilt them to shine a different angle, or can shorten the light standards.  They've done all this stuff for people that have requested it so far.

I'm one of the people that the Public Works department worked with about one of the new lights and I'm really happy with the results.