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Would you use a travel agent?

Hello Rossland!

If you had access to a local travel agent (at no extra cost to you) would you use them to help plan your vacations?!

Why or why not?! 

Thanks for your input :) 

Bump :) any input would be helpful :) 

Yes I would and have in the past. Saves a lot of hassle and opens up some good deals otherwise unavailable.

Bill Ferguson is who I would use

When you say at no extra cost do you mean at no extra cost relative to other travel agents, or no extra cost relative to planning your own trip?  I always use web-based services and book my own, but if it was the same cost I would use a travel agent.  And always prefer local over not.


Hi Aaron,

I mean relative to planning your own trip! Quite often travel agents can actually find better deals than online booking companies. 

Im happy to hear that you'd prefer to use someone local!

thanks for your input!