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Seeking GP who understands Pain Med BENEFITS in CHRONIC PAIN .Who else is suffering?

Hi - It is time for us to start joining together to fight back against the New Standards & guidelines for Prescribing Narcotic medication for Documented Chronic Pain Conditions.  I have just read the document -thanks to the posting by PainBc -Thank you. It would have been nice for them to include some exmples of situations and conditions that would warrent usage of Narcotics. The whole document is so negative against prescribing and doesn't laud the benefits of usage for pain sufferers!

I am wholly stuck right now and do not wish to have to sell my house after 10 years in order to move to an area with a bigger Doctor Pool! - I was in a position to find a new GP, after the last one of many years "fired" me for not wanting to discontinue my Oxycodone usage and go to ..NOTHING.  Now of course, even after 6 months with a new GP and "pain Specialist" -they still consider me a New "unknown" patient and assume that I am lying about ..well everything. Their "we know Better" attitudes have had me debilitated in pain for months, trying this med and this dose and totally NOT taking into the effect that I am opiod tolerant after being on Oxy for over 10 years. and Hey - I had NO dose increases for almost three years either -until my disease process became more active and provable active through Blood tests. -- Thus my daily script is far too low even now and I don't have any faith left that increasing it will benefit and not just put me to sleep. 

So after days of terrible pain, I drug myself down to the ER for a rude awakening. This is Canada, and they won't even hook you up to an IV in house to ease things alittle!  If I was already totally feeling "kicked to the curb" that did it ! 

Is anyone else feeling like they are being treated as second class citizens?

I have a 30 year fully documented file of  a very active and progressing Auto-immune set of Conditions. Blood Labs show how high my inflammation levels have been over the last 2 years. My Specialist in Vancouver says that I will probably be on narcotics for life - that my conditions were what narcotics were developed for. Unfortunately I cannot see him often enough (due to feeling crappy and broke because of it ) for him to prescribe for me. The local people choose not to heed his opinion; he has treated me since 1999! 

So rock and a hard place ! I need to find a GP within driving distance that understands narcotics benefits for Pain and that WE are NOT able to get High off them period . 

second - Another Specialist in Vancouver has suggested that I write to my MLA and advise him/her how this new system is penalizing the people that need these drugs. This would be more effective if several of us sent in our stories together I think?

Does this interest any fellow pain sufferers?  Does anyone else have some ideas? We need to be taken seriously, I have a right to be relatively pain free - and I know that it can be achieved as I have been there before. I have a life and my Home Business to get back to ! 

Thank you for listening to my rant.  I have no one else to talk to.

CorkyGirl :)




I've been in pain for over a year from an old serious car crash. Got told to take Ibuprophen witch I already eat like candy and that the wait for an  MRI is too long.  Tried phisio, accuponcture, massage and even praying.  Still in pain 24/7.  Good thing I am good a suffering. 

CBD oil. Absolutely works. No thc, totally legal, no side effects. Read the testimonials on FB Hempworx. I've had bad knee, lower back pain from years of manual labor, totally against prescription meds (evil in my opinion), just suffered in silence for years until 2 months ago, started taking the oil, eye dropper method, twice a day, and honestly, I'm pain free, more alert, focused, sleep awesome etc etc etc. Can't say enough good things about "natures medicine".

Prescription meds are just an evil trap, again, just my opinion based on my experience. Good luck. :)

I like it. Worth the try. Thanks


So sorry to hear of your dilemma.  Unfortunately, you will most likely NOT find anyone in this area who will prescribe anymore, thanks to the new opioid guidelines.  Generally, pain clinics (I have been to three between Nelson, Trail and Kelowna) won't prescribe your pain meds, especially opioids; they will provide injections such as nerve blocks, trigger point injections and prolotherapy, and I believe some are now using the LDN (low dose naletrexone) and getting good results.  I am also a 30+ year sufferer and have been the gammit; I now advocate, the best I can, for chronic pain patients, be it through Pain B.C. meetings, Patient Voices Network, the Ministry of Health, or writing letters to my MLA.  

Just curious - do you have a copy of your file from the Vancouver doctor?  If not, it might be well worth it to be able to share that with your G.P. and keep a copy with you should you ever need to make another trip to the E.R.  

Take care, and I hope you are able to get some relief.


Thanks for the thoughts.  I did try the CBD tincture 1;1 for 2 months, but unfortunately I didn't feel any relief of the pain in my large or small joints. -- Yes I have copies of all letters that specialists have written to the Gp's plus copies of all test/ procedure results - I did take some items to the ER but the Doc just said that I'm sure that you do have documentation, but I still can't help you. I hope that If/ when my gallstones shift that they will not think that I am faking for meds.... I have point formed several quick charts etc for the new docs - dates of major diagnosis' -major med changes - er visits etc. - Then when they started treating me (I felt) as a couch lizard, I drafted a 2 paragraph bio, ending with my still current/future ambitions.

I just think that by the next day it is forgotten and they don't have time to really review the patient properly.  2 weeks ago - I was actually asked " IF I get you feeling a lot better, will you stay on the couch watching TV or would you try and exercise?"  - wow - I asked him to review the first 2 months of my file when I was working 10 hour days and had a workout schedule too. I've just lost a lot of weight, I am very motivated to tighten up this loose skin !!  oh well, they just don't "listen" -

I tried the injection once but can't get them regularly until I am well enough to schedule appts and get out of the house daily. --Prayer and the Lord pull me through 

"24 hours closer to Jesus coming Back!" 



There is a pain clinic at KBRH with Dr. Iain Reid, but he only does one day a month, as he is an anaesthetist.  There is also a great pain clinic in Kelowna that might be able to help you out with various types of treatments, such as nerve blocks, prolotherapy, and rhizotomies; take a look at them online.  It has been renamed after the doctor who was in charge of pain patients at the Cancer Center in Kelowna, and there are some wonderful staff members.  There IS a wait, but if you can get a referral from your doctor, at least you can get on the list.

Feel free to P.M. me if you have any questions - I have been going there for years, and they are wonderful.