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Golden Goose Francy blow

Reuters reported that Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc, which operates Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, is set to file for bankruptcy. The news is yet another Golden Goose Francy blow to the Casino industry in Atlantic City. Within a month, 8,300 people will lose their jobs with the announced closings of Showboat, Revel, and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. If the Trump Taj Mahal joins them, the situation will just become worse.

As "Consumer Reports" explains, walking shoes are tailored for people who either walk for fitness or simply need a comfortable and casual shoe for everyday activities. The shoes should offer sufficient cushioning to be comfortable and a flexible sole that lets your foot roll easily from the toes to the heels. AOFAS says that a lightweight shoe with sufficient shock absorption under the ball of the foot and the heel is ideal. A top walking shoe is firm up front, enabling you to "roll off your toes rather than bend through them as you do with running shoes."

The ideal camera would be a digital SLR (singlelens reflex) camera equipped with a lens that has an aperture of at least F/2.8. Ideally, a 1755mm F/2.8 (2470mm on a fullframe 35mm camera) or similar lens would be perfect. If you think you will be far away, a 70200mm F/2.8 or similar lens may work well, but that type of lens is a bit too long for a parade where you can get fairly close. With the wide angle, you are also able to capture the large floats and more of your subject. Another good accessory that will help is an external hotshoe flash and some sort of modifier to soften the light (a bounce card or better yet a softbox that goes over the front). A plastic StoFen Omnibounce or Gary Fong Tupperware won't really Golden Goose Francy Sneakers help soften your light, it will just spread it all around you. In fact, unless you are able to bounce it off a cloud, it's just eating 2 stops of light by shooting through it, so leave it at home.


No, this is not the stiletto heel that makes your legs look sexy; it's a sleek, portable receiver, recorder and player for Sirius satellite radio service. The Stiletto can pick up Sirius's Internet offerings via WiFi as well as satellite, so you can use it even in the deepest, darkest gym or basement.